Delayed start to the swim season

If you have already registered and have paid your fees you should have received an email this afternoon/evening specific to your cohort. Unfortunately the Don Smith Memorial Pool is still not ready for use and therefore our regular season start has been delayed. We have been told that the city anticipates the pool to be ready for November 2nd. We are anxious to get back in the pool and will keep you posted.

In the meantime we still have space in our morning sessions (limited) and our noon hour sessions. Spread the word!

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REGISTRATION for 2020-2021

Please check out the Registration page for more info about this season as registration is now open.

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2020-2021 Season

Hey EMSC members!!! This is just a quick message to let you know that we haven’t forgotten about you and that we are getting closer to having some information about a return to the pool soon! We’re working on the details of what our season will look like with COVID regulations and waiting for Kinsmen to reopen the competition pool.

We hope to be able to be back in the water by October 1st, when maintenance has completed at Kinsmen. As soon as we have confirmed pool times we’ll get registration information out to you for your consideration!

Looking forward to seeing you back in the pool!

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All registered members of the club for the 2019-2020 season should have received an email regarding our upcoming virtual AGM on August 25th. If you did not receive this email, please contact us. A link to the meeting will be sent to you before the 25th.

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I wanna be a Swimstar…

Quarantine has been long. It has been mentally exhausting. It has been frustrating.

And the UK has cracked.

They’ve gone full Nickelback.

In a parody of the song “Rockstar” by Nickelback, which has been dubbed Canada’s most hated band as a result of incredible overexposure over the country’s airwaves, Steve Buckley has built a full-blown, swim-themed parody of the song titled “Swimstar.”

Steve Buckley is the creator and leader of the swimming website, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary of covering swimming on the internet this month.

With mostly unique vocals performed by Hugh MacDonald (well, there as unique as any of Nickelback’s songs are from any other of Nickelback’s songs), the video features age groupers, legends, Olympians, Junior National team swimmers, and aspiring Olympians from across the country opining about their dreams for aquatic success.

Among the swimmers featured in the video are two-time Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington, World Championship competitor Michael Gunning, 1980 Olympic silver medalist in the 400 IM Sharron Davies, 2008/2012 British Olympian Jemma Lowe, 7-time Para-Swimming World Champion Tully Kearney, and BBC Olympic and Paralympic sports journalist Nick Hope.

Story by Braden Keith,, June 3 2020

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