Coaches’ Corner

We have developed a simple month to month calendar, highlighting the main focus of each practice.  In order to excel in a sport, it is important to work on both your strengths and weaknesses.  Thus, skipping a practice because you don’t like the main focus will not benefit you.  We strongly encourage attendance to as many practices as possible, and also wish to encourage the development of well rounded athletes.

Are you so excited about the upcoming practice that you HAVE to know the workout ahead of time?  Look no further than our day to day calendar.

Our intro to dryland happened on Thursday, September 15th.  Here is a link to the exercises that were introduced.  We’re hoping this dynamic activation can become a part of your regular routine.

As always, we are available and open to questions, and contact information for both coaches is listed below.

Ted Murphy
cell: (780) 884-8227

Victoria Etheridge
cell: (403) 437-1376