Registration for our 2021-22 Regular Season is now open for both new and returning members. We anticipate lots of excitement going into this season with the inspiration of the Summer Olympics and some normalcy with growing vaccination rates in Alberta. We need to remain diligent and will be following Swim Alberta COVID-19 recommended guidelines with the hope that we are able to remain in the pool for the entire season.

You will notice a change in our training schedule and our fee structure since our last full
season. Your board has worked hard to obtain the best training times available to us and a
balanced fee structure, but we continue to be faced with pool fee increases and a
restructuring of how pool time is allocated. You may notice that noon hour sessions are currently not in our offered sessions. If you would like to swim at noon, please take a minute to give us your feedback by completing this survey.

It is important to note that the Don Smith Memorial Pool (competition pool) is
undergoing some work on the 50m bulkheads and until that work is complete it will
remain in a 25m format. We are not sure when this work will be completed but will
embrace the pool time we have in short course format since we won’t have a lot of it
once it is complete! For this period of time we will have more short course lanes than the number of long course lanes advertised.

Our coaches for the season will be Alex Wallingford & Mathew Mossey. They will be working together to plan our season and adjust workouts to best make use of available lane space.

For more information regarding the schedule and fees for our upcoming regular season, please check out the “Regular Season 2021-2022” page.

Questions? Concerns? Please contact our club registrar.


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