Registration for our 2020-21 Regular Season is now open for both new and returning members. Please read on for more information on how this season will look a bit different than in previous years.

As you may be aware, Kinsmen has been undergoing some maintenance and there have been some delays. Although we were tentatively scheduled to be back in the pool on October 19th, it appears that there are some further delays to the reopening of the Don Smith Memorial Pool (competition pool) and we are not sure what this means to us as the bulk of our training occurs in this pool. We are awaiting more details from the city. If we are delayed further we will make sure that we account for this and provide you either a refund or credit for unused pool fees collected.

With the new reality of COVID-19, as well as some facility operational changes, we have seen a change in pool availability at Kinsmen. The limited number of open pool facilities in the city further limits pool access. We are happy to report that we have secured substantial pool time. In fact our pool times look pretty similar to the past, with some slight adjustments to accommodate the 15 minute buffer required between non-cohort user groups and our more limited access to lane space, particularly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. With our access limited to 6 short course lanes in the evenings, we will also be offering Tuesday and Thursday morning workouts in 6 short course lanes. We have secured 12 short course lanes on Saturday and only 9 lanes on Sunday. We have also tentatively booked our noon hour sessions, but will need to determine whether we have enough interest to continue with noon hour swimming. These swimmers would form their own cohort and would not be able to come to other training sessions. This reduction in lane space, added to the current facility restriction of a maximum of 4 people per lane means that we have implemented session maximums. This also means that our costs and subsequent training fees have gone up significantly.

We are working to make our return to the pool as safe as possible, and as such there will be rules in place to limit our contact with others. Current AHS and Swim Alberta guidelines limit us to cohorts of 50. This means we can no longer offer flexible attendance as we need to be able to provide accurate attendance rosters to AHS in the event of the need for contact tracing. We will have a club COVID-19 representative to ensure our club and workouts follow all AHS and Swim Alberta guidelines. Details regarding our club COVID-19 response plan are included in the registration form. Each member will need to carefully consider the information before registering. More comprehensive information will be provided upon registration. Please keep in mind that there will be no refunds issued this year.

For more information regarding the schedule and fees for our upcoming regular season, please check out the “Regular Season 2020-2021” page.

Questions? Concerns? Please contact our club registrar.


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