Masters Swimming Bulletin – February 2020

This month’s bulletin has information about Canadian Record breaking performances, the 2020 Canadian Masters Swimming Championships, the 2020 Swimming Canada Masters Swimming Awards (including nomination documents), Mail-In Challenges, and more! Click here to read it all!

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Masters Swimming Bulletin – December 2019

We are now standing on the doorstep of 2020. One more month to get all the training in that we had hoped to complete in 2019. One more month to reach our 2019 objectives, if they have not already been attained. One more month before all Masters Swimmers celebrate changing age and, perhaps, age group on January 1st.

This month’s bulletin recognizes more Canadian Records, announces this month’s mail-in challenge (a 15 minute swim for distance), introduces a masters swimmer who set five world records after a liver transplant, and more!

Read all about it here!

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Club Records

If you competed in the recent “Twas The Month Before Christmas III” swim meet and broke any club records, Congratulations!

Please contact us to advise what record(s) you broke, and we will update the Club Records accordingly!

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Masters Swimming Bulletin – November 2019

Welcome to November. More than 5000 Masters Swimmers are now registered for the season!


Each month, a new challenge will be posted. Swimmers/coaches will tabulate the results of the challenge and forward them to Results will be compiled using the age group distributions as per competitions. Prizes will be awarded each month.

This month, we are inviting you to complete a timed 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle. All distances are to be done from a push (i.e., in-the-water start). Times will be added-up for the 750m. You may also submit your results for this challenge HERE.


A platform is being developed which will allow swimmers to do a ‘’one-time dump’’ of their previously tracked distances and then continue to log their progress. There will be more good news to follow concerning this project – stay tuned and keep counting your metres!


We are hoping to profile masters swimmers and masters swim clubs from across the country on the Swimming Canada web site.

We know there are many stories out there about swim clubs doing fun events, important activities outside of the pool from volunteering to fund raising. About swim clubs who have amazing coaches keeping them motivated and engaged in watching the black line at the bottom of the pool.

We know there are masters swimmers who have been showing up at the pool for years. Swimmers who have overcome physical conditions by getting back in the pool. Swimmers who persevere. Swimmers who are changing the world they live in through their actions outside of swimming.

We want to hear these stories – who impresses you? Who motivates you? Why do you go to the pool week in week out? What else do you do: sports, art, literature, big business, volunteer? What are your passions?

Questionnaires are available here: Swimmer Profile  / Club Profile. If you have a story to tell, we would love to hear it!

For more Masters news, read the full Masters Swimming Bulletin – November 2019.

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MSC Fall 2019 Newsletter

Some of you may have received the Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) Fall 2019 newsletter by email. I would like to provide clarification for a few of the FAQs in the newsletter:


If you’re a member of Edmonton Masters Swim Club (EMSC), you are already registered with your club, province, and SNC (Swimming Canada). Registration with MSC is optional, according to your desire to access their programs and services.


Contact Barry Lewis, Swimming Canada Masters Committee Member, ( or the dedicated email for masters swimming at Swimming Canada (

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