No news is…

Good news? Bad news? Or simply the unknown.

We have been offering 1:1 sessions in the pool with Alex & Lili and continue to do so up to this Saturday, March 20. We have had nothing more from Kinsmen as to our pool bookings beyond that.

It is likely they are awaiting updates from the Government of Alberta as the next step of reopening could include access to the facility as a member of the public. Should anything change we will advise the membership.

We will continue to offer 1:1 training as a chance to return to the pool for those who are able until such time that we are able to return to the pool as a group. Once the public times return we will consider reducing our 1:1 sessions but have been getting positive feedback about the sessions that have been offered so we would like to continue supporting our coaches and our swimmers who are looking for some coaching and feedback.

Stay tuned and we will update as we have more information.

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