Nationals (Montreal) Accomodation!

We’re considering renting the Skal Nuphar for 3 nights for Nationals in Montreal (May 23 to May 26). 

It is docked at the Old Port of Montreal, approximately 700 meters from the Champs-de-Mars Metro Station.

Sleeps 20 (9 doubles and 2 singles)! Every cabin has it’s own bathroom / shower!

4500 sq ft! It has a rooftop terrace with hot tub, indoor/outdoor sound system, a lounge with a fully equipped bar, etc.

NEW PRICE: $140 / person / night = $420 total per person.

THE FINE PRINT:  We need to put down a deposit ($162.50 per person) to reserve and we need to do it ASAP! If you’re interested, email AND submit your deposit! This offer will be revoked if there is not enough interest expressed by Sunday February 24!

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